THE HEART OF MAN is in theaters In 1 WEEK!
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THE HEART OF MAN arrives in theaters next Thursday, September 14.
1 week until The Heart of Man hit theaters Sept 14th

Episode 6

Welcome back to another episode of Engaging THE HEART OF MAN. In ONE WEEK, on September 14 (next Thursday), THE HEART OF MAN arrives in theaters for one night only. As we enter the home stretch, we encourage you first, to purchase your own ticket(s), if you haven’t already, and second, to invite others to join you. Thank you for your continued support! Read on to engage in this week’s focus theme and to enjoy some new content around the film.

In this episode, we will focus on the following theme from THE HEART OF MAN:
Choice: We are free to choose.

Dan Allender on Choices

Dan Allender, Professor of Counseling Psychology at The Seattle School and one of the voices in THE HEART OF MAN, speaks to the power of your choices in his book To Be Told: Know Your Story, Shape Your Future. “We are what we choose. And we choose whatever our deepest passion compels us to be and to do. To understand the truth of this simple principle, we must examine choice’s power to shape our character.” Allender goes on to explain, “Saying ‘yes’ to one thing is, at the same time, saying, ‘no’ to a legion of legitimate choices.”  

Why Women Should Watch THE HEART OF MAN

We Are Unveiled shares three insightful reasons why THE HEART OF MAN is NOT just for men.

“Some might think this film is just for men, but having seen the film as a leader of a women’s ministry, I can confidently say that this film is equally for women and men.” 
“...The stories shared in this movie center on sexual promiscuity and adultery, sins that many women in the Christian community also struggle with, yet feel a specific type of shame attached to it it.” 
“...The Heart of Man reminds us that nothing can outweigh the Father’s pursuit for us. No addiction, no mistake, makes God put us on the back burner.”
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Spotlight: Propaganda

Spoken word artist, poet and lyricist Propaganda on THE HEART OF MAN and choosing to accept God’s authority. 
“[God is saying] ‘I’ve been pursuing you the whole time.’”
Featured Ministry
Covenant Eyes
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If you’ve already had the opportunity to see THE HEART OF MAN, please post your review of the film. Your review will greatly help in driving audiences to see the film in theaters on September 14.

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Digital Resources 

Visit our resources page to preview and download numerous resources to further engage in the film and to spread the word to others who need to hear its message.

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Final Trailer!
Watch the final trailer for THE HEART OF MAN! Then SHARE it to invite others!
Behind-the-scenes: The Beach

See how the key water scenes in THE HEART OF MAN were filmed. Producer Jason Pamer on the setting of ‘Lava Beach’: 
“It’s ultimately where death is that new life begins.”
Behind The Scenes | Chapter 5 | The Beach
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